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There are thousands of almond varieties present in Italy and around the world, but only those originating from the provinces of Syracuse and Ragusa are considered the most valuable almonds on international markets thanks to the temperate climate and traditional cultivation techniques that are applied with respect for nature.

In fact, we would like to remind you that no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used in cultivation and, above all, the shape of the shell that encloses our almonds is respected.

The shell is very hard and unlike other almonds which have a light and porous shell, that of our almonds is practically waterproof and does not allow the proliferation of aflatoxins inside it, thus accentuating its beneficial properties. 

The Sicilian almond

Our Sicilian almonds are considered a food rich in nutrients, a true natural dietary supplement.

  • Rich in omega 3, essential fatty acids precious for heart health;

  • Source of vitamins and mineral salts that help the well-being of the intestine and make our skin appear younger;

  • Contains magnesium, useful in case of stress or fatigue;

  • Contains calcium which is important for bone health during pregnancy or menopause;

  • It is rich in iron, useful for fighting anemia;

  • Reduces cholesterol levels and improves circulation;

  • It gives satiety and produces an excellent effect on blood sugar;

  • It has anti-inflammatory qualities and is rich in antioxidant substances that combat free radicals;

  • Rich in amygdalin, it is useful for the treatment of cancer and makes its role among the products used in the Mediterranean diet even more interesting;

  • Highly caloric food, it is ideal for cases of malnutrition or as a supplement in vegetarian diets, as well as useful in cases of particular energy needs of the body, for example in sport;

  • It relieves menstrual disorders and is a healthy and tasty natural antidepressant.

Sicilian varieties

The varieties of Sicilian origin are:
the Pizzuta d'Avola almond, Fascionello almond, Roman almond, Corrente d'Avola or hard shell almond and the Tuono almond.

The Pizzuta d'Avola variety is the most prized in the world, with a flat, ovoid and very regular shape which makes it perfect for high quality confectionery and pastry making as well as being excellent as a snack to break hunger or for appetizers.
Instead, the hard shell almond, such as the Romana variety and the Tuono variety, is used in pastry making, in the processing of nougats, almond paste, granitas, almond milk, biscuits, martorana fruit, but also for the preparation of first and second courses dishes, such as for fish, meat, sauces or simply as snacks. Furthermore, Sicilian almonds are widely used both in the cosmetic industry, which applies almond oil as a base for compresses or creams, and in the pharmaceutical industry for its medical properties.
Furthermore, Mandorle Meli also markets other world-famous products, such as Pistachio from Bronte, Hazelnuts from Nebrodi, Sesame from Ispica and Carob from Rosolini. All products are packaged using vacuum or protective atmosphere, so as to guarantee the consumer a product that is always fresh and well preserved.

If you are looking for almonds in Rosolini, rely on our professionalism: we guarantee a product that is always of excellent quality.


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